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Current Supported Browsers (現在サポートされているブラウザ):     Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge

For Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge settings:
Step 1: To set the settings please click, More settings.
Step 2: After clicking, you can see the options available. For maximum printing, please set the options the same with the table below.

More Settings Details
Paper Size A4
Margins None
Scale Custom -> 100%
  Background graphics

If you don't want to include this instructions to be printed,
select Pages -> Custom, start the range from 2-.

Google ChromeMicrosoft Edge 設定の場合:
ステップ 1: 設定を行うには、[ 詳細設定 ](その他の設定) をクリックしてください。
ステップ 2: クリックすると、利用可能なオプションが表示されます。適切な印刷のために、以下の表と同じオプションを設定してください。

詳細設定 詳細
用紙サイズ A4
余白 なし
倍率(拡大/縮小) カスタム -> 100%

・Google Chrome
[ ページ ] -> [ カスタム ] を選択し、2ページ目から範囲を指定します。 [2-]
・Microsoft Edge
[ ページ ] の空欄を選択し、2ページ目から範囲を指定します。 [2-]




Toyokuni Japanese Language and Skills Traning Center Inc.(トヨクニ日本語能力研修センター)は、フィリピンに在住する学生達に、日本語の基礎から、一般的な学力、より高度な学力レベルまで提供することができる、日本語学習センターです。

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The Philippines and Japan has always been comrades and sees each other as partners by contributing to the needs of one another. The two countries know their respective potential and ability to help create a positive impact in the economy, the environment, and the people. Being the owner of Toyokuni Japanese Language and Skills Training Center, Inc. I perceive the potential and capability to influence as an honor, a responsibility, and a commitment. This sense of commitment encourages me to act as a partner, with clearly defined intents, goals, and a sense of mission.

I believe that every person is part of a larger picture that creates a better world through positive change. The school aspires to encourage the students about the ever-widening circle opportunities in Japan acting as catalysts in the language barriers and culture difference. I encourage everyone to enroll at our school because I put confidence in the skills of our teachers and staffs that they can provide a quality education for all students.

Presidents /Owners Profile
In order to alleviate the status of living of her family. Prim Rose Darato Inso opted to work as a flight attendant and later stayed in Japan. She studied at Nagoya Japanese Language School in which she acquired her JLPT N2 Certificate. Still she wants to gain more learning, she pursues her studies at Trident Gaiko-go hotel bridal Senmon Gakkou for flight attendant. Prim Rose Umehara is known in her place for helping Japanese descendants go to Japan. Later on, an idea came to her mind of having a Japanese School in the Philippines, where she can expand in helping other people (both Japanese descendants and non-Japanese descendants) go to Japan. Then Toyokuni Japanese Language and Skills Training Center Inc. was built. A school that helps anyone on fulfilling their dreams in Japan.

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😉Maria Elena Navales

HI! I am Maria Elena Navales, I graduated in Toyokuni Japanese Language and Skill training Center. I am one of those millions of people who dreamed to study and work in Japan. First and foremost I studied Korean Language because I love K-pop and I want to go to Korea, but unfortunately my teacher ...

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🤩Elzen Kim

Right now, I'm living in Nagoya! I have witnessed the majestic Nagoya castle, experienced the beauty of the Sakura, and engaged with the Japanese people....

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😄Maria Carmela Hangad

There were a lot of things I was worried about before coming to Japan. One was what Japanese people thought about foreigners, and another worry was that it is my first time going abroad....

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😃Elizabeth Fiel Valdez

I studied in the beginner Japanese N5 course at Toyokuni Japanese Language and Skills Training Center Inc, in Tagum City, Philippines.I had a wonderful experience going from knowing zero Japanese to being able to order food and ask for directions with...

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😎Al Egno

Toyokuni JLASTCI is a wonderful school, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. I know this because, in my class, all of us are returning students. I knew literally no Japanese and I studied at Toyokuni's N5 classes for four months...

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😄Queenie Grace Isidro

Someone recommended Toyokuni JLSTCI to me and my sister Abegail and enrolling in this school is one of the best decisions we made in our life! We are now in Japan working as a Software Developer with a working visa. We met the founders of the school and it is very rare to find an owner with such compassion to the Filipino people...

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😊Abegail Isidro

I chose Toyokuni JLSTC together with my sister Queenie because someone recommended it to us. After enrolling at Toyokuni, we learned a lot of things about Japanese Language which we can use until today. We’ve graduated last February 2019 as one of the first batch of the school...

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😎Aellivon Kyle Sun

I chose Toyokuni because two of my close friends, who is now working happily in Japan recommended it to me. I really thought that learning another language, specially a language that doesn't use the alphabet will be a grueling task...

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🥰Lindzay Pulos

One good staff at Toyokuni notified me that they are looking for IT graduates for a job in Japan, that’s why I grabbed the chance and immediately enrolled at Toyokuni Japanese Language and Skills Center which I later on knew that they had the best facilities, sensei’s and staffs that are the best in Tagum...

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🤠Alester Roy Ancutan

I've searched many Japanese Language schools in Tagum, but I only prefer Toyokuni for its standard and high quality of teaching and very approachable staff. After studying in Toyokuni, I changed from being negative to positive, with hopes of keeping myself to be active in my studies and to achieve my goals...

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😁Jestoni Ablin

I choose Toyokuni becasue it was recommended by my friend Sherelyn Monge, after I attended the orientation I decided to enroll because the school’s vision is great and inspiring. My life changed for such reasons like spending more time studying, sometimes I forgot my obligations in my family, ...

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😀Ariz Merck Baingan

I was one of the first students that enrolled at Toyokuni JLSTCI School. My mom told me that it was a good school because it is TESDA Accredited. I am now here in Japan as a student visa and it is a very big change in my life. The owners of the school are very nice to us students, and they teach us how to stand on our own feet. Enroll now!

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