Student Life

Career after graduation

Graduates of Toyokuni JLSTCI will get a TESDA Japanese Language certificate given upon graduation. We proudly produced numerous N4 passers and has helped many students obtain their student, working and tourist visas.

There are a lot of job vacancies in Japan, the only hindrance is the language barrier. Toyokuni JLSTCI helps students break that language barrier so they can get their dream jobs.


Maria Elena Navales
  • 😉

I am Maria Elena Navales, I graduated in Toyokuni Japanese Language and Skill training Center. I am one of those millions of people who dreamed to study and work in Japan.
First and foremost I studied Korean Language because I love K-pop and I want to go to Korea, but unfortunately my teacher left me that almost I’ve lost hope.

Then one day, I saw my older brother that he studied Japanese Language and I observed that he was very busy reviewing his lessons in Japanese. Out of curiosity I asked him where he studied he answered me that he studied at TOYOKUNI JAPANESE LANGUAGE AND SKILL TRAINING CENTER in Tagum city. He explained to me that Toyokuni is one of the best school in Tagum City. The Senseis are very knowledgeable and accommodating and the learning material are updated and came from Japan. Which I catch my attention on that matter. Aside that Toyokuni Japanese and Skills Learning Center, Inc. is a TESDA accredited which it is very important to a training center.

One day my brother informed me that Toyokuni has this student visa program which help those aspiring student who will study in Japan. My brother offered me that he will lend financial support in Tuition fees and other miscellaneous expenses so that I study in Toyokuni because he insisted that the School offered something new to me which that student visa program. So I grabbed that opportunity since it was my long desire to study in Japan. Then later my eagerness to Study in Japan grows bigger.

I studied hard so that I will passed the training and passed the student visa application. My first attempt in the application was not good because I was failed in the interview from Hotsuma Int’l School. I failed because I am over confidence that I can answered completely their questions. I was about to lost hope when the school announces that there is still upcoming interview from another school in Nagoya Japan. I immediately went to school and inform them that I will join.

I trusted the Toyokuni Japanese Language and Skills Training center, Inc. because the CEO itself is a residence of Japan. She really has a good heart to help those students who have a dream to study in Japan. That’s why I never skip those 2nd chances to grab the said opportunity.

Elzen Kim
  • 🤩

Right now, I'm living in Nagoya! I have witnessed the majestic Nagoya castle, experienced the beauty of the Sakura, and engaged with the Japanese people.

Toyokuni JLASTCI has really good support for their students, giving us a lot of options on where we want to study (Nagoya, Gifu, Osaka, etc.) and they're always there to talk with us.

Toyokuni JLASTCI helps their students from [Education] to [Employment]. Toyokuni JLASTCI treats each other like family, especially the owner, personnel, and teachers who supported us and made the Japan dream possible!

Maria Carmela Hangad
  • 😄

There were a lot of things I was worried about before coming to Japan. One was what Japanese people thought about foreigners, and another worry was that it is my first time going abroad.

But once I studied at Toyokuni JLASTCI, all those worries disappeared! What's nice about Toyokuni is they don't just teach you the language, the school also lets you experience the culture.

The owner, the staffs, and the teachers are very supportive of us. They want what's best for us and gives us the best quality education possible.

After enrolling at Toyokuni JLASTCI, my Japanese conversation skill has greatly improved, allowing me to converse with the Japanese people. I'm so happy that I decided to enroll here!

Elizabeth Fiel Valdez
  • 😃

I studied in the beginner Japanese N5 course at Toyokuni Japanese Language and Skills Training Center Inc, in Tagum City, Philippines.

I had a wonderful experience going from knowing zero Japanese to being able to order food and ask for directions with simple phrases in only four months.

The teachers taught us how to write the Japanese language (hiragana, katakana, kanji), and taught us how to converse Japanese properly.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, since they will answer them to the best of their abilities. I recommend taking the N4 classes add-on since they teach you more advanced Japanese.

I'm currently in Japan right now and I can say that the N4 classes of Toyokuni helped me a lot in my stay here. Enroll now and make memories you'll never forget.

Al Egno
  • 😎

Toyokuni JLASTCI is a wonderful school, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. I know this because, in my class, all of us are returning students. I knew literally no Japanese and I studied at Toyokuni's N5 classes for four months.

I loved it so much that I decided to take their N4 classes the next semester.

What I love about the school is how warm and friendly all of the people (owner, staffs, teachers) who work there. I can really see them work twice as hard for us in order to give us the quality education that we deserve.

Fast forward to today, I am now in Nagoya Japan and I'm loving it day by day! I can really say that the things I learned at Toyokuni JLASTCI really helped me in my life here in Japan. I love Toyokuni JLASTCI and I would recommend it to anyone who has any interest in learning Japanese or about Japanese culture.

Queenie Grace Isidro
  • 😄

Someone recommended Toyokuni JLSTCI to me and my sister Abegail and enrolling in this school is one of the best decisions we made in our life! We are now in Japan working as a Software Developer with a working visa. We met the founders of the school and it is very rare to find an owner with such compassion to the Filipino people. Being a student at Toyokuni, I firsthand saw the effort and dedication of the owners, Ma’am Primrose and President Umehara, towards the school, the students, and its employees. According to them, the reason why they founded a school is to help the Filipino people experience greener pasture in Japan and to establish good camaraderie between Japan and the Philippines. For those who want to enroll at Toyokuni, don’t be afraid because you are in good hands. Enroll now!

Abegail Isidro
  • 😊

I chose Toyokuni JLSTC together with my sister Queenie because someone recommended it to us. After enrolling at Toyokuni, we learned a lot of things about Japanese Language which we can use until today. We’ve graduated last February 2019 as one of the first batch of the school. We are now in Japan working as a Software Developer with working visa. It was a life changing decision. The founder and owner of the school President Umehara and Ma’am Rose, are kind-hearted and compassionate to the Filipino people who are dedicated and hardworking to find a greener pasture in Japan. To those who are planning to enroll at Toyokuni JLSTC, rest assured you are in good hands. Enroll now!

Aellivon Kyle Sun
  • 😎

I chose Toyokuni because two of my close friends, who is now working happily in Japan recommended it to me. I really thought that learning another language, specially a language that doesn't use the alphabet will be a grueling task. But being around with the school's competent staff really made me realize that as long that you do your best, it is possible to learn Japanese comfortably. Learning another language, especially Japanese is hard that's a given. Just do your utmost best and they will take care of the rest.

Lindzay Pulos
  • 🥰

One good staff at Toyokuni notified me that they are looking for IT graduates for a job in Japan, that’s why I grabbed the chance and immediately enrolled at Toyokuni Japanese Language and Skills Center which I later on knew that they had the best facilities, sensei’s and staffs that are the best in Tagum. Toyokuni made me realize that learning a new language from scratch is not too late and is very achievable regardless of what age you've started, as long as you have your dreams with you, you'll surely find it enjoyable and interesting. It was also priceless to meet and befriends new people having the same dreams with you which is to learn the language and to experience Japan! Let your Japanese dream come true! Make a step and Toyokuni will be your best Japanese school choice in Tagum City.

Alester Roy Ancutan
  • 🤠

I've searched many Japanese Language schools in Tagum, but I only prefer Toyokuni for its standard and high quality of teaching and very approachable staff. After studying in Toyokuni, I changed from being negative to positive, with hopes of keeping myself to be active in my studies and to achieve my goals. For those who are looking for a secure, high standard, good quality teaching and the fastest Japanese language experience, I highly recommended Toyokuni. It’s the best Japanese school in Tagum.

Jestoni Ablin
  • 😁

I choose Toyokuni becasue it was recommended by my friend Sherelyn Monge, after I attended the orientation I decided to enroll because the school’s vision is great and inspiring. My life changed for such reasons like spending more time studying, sometimes I forgot my obligations in my family, But I’m glad that they understand why I’m doing it. Take a deep breath hehehe, because it’s not easy, prepare unwavering mindset that surely help you pass such challenge harder than any exam you completed.

Ariz Merck Baingan
  • 😀

I was one of the first students that enrolled at Toyokuni JLSTCI School. My mom told me that it was a good school because it is TESDA Accredited. I am now here in Japan as a student visa and it is a very big change in my life. The owners of the school are very nice to us students, and they teach us how to stand on our own feet. Enroll now!